Safety Tips For Take Your Dog To Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day can be a fun and special occasion, but certain precautions should be taken at work, whether you own a dog or not. Not all dogs have the right temperament to be taken to a strange place, so all dogs should be approached cautiously.

If you decide to take part in Take Your Dog to Work Day, consider your dog’s personality and temperament. Not all dogs are good with strangers, and taking your dog into a building full of unknown people may be more stress than the pup can handle. Stressed canines can become snappish, and if your dog bites someone, you are liable for it under Arizona law. Also, consider how good your dog is with other dogs, because the same problems that occur when dogs meet new people can also happen when they meet strange dogs.

Clocking In With Man’s Best Friend

Even if your dog loves meeting new people and does not become snappish, taking your dog to work might not be a good idea. Consider the following important precautions:

  • If your dog is excitable, taking him or her to work may not be the best idea. While any dog could conceivably become excited, dogs that are already excitable may accidentally knock people down. If you know about this personality trait, you can be held liable for subsequent damages.
  • While all dogs present at a workplace during Take Your Dog to Work Day can create a certain excitement (for both humans and canines), eventually you are going to have to settle down and work. If your dog is easily bored, he or she will probably become so at this point. Bored dogs can often become destructive or could decide to wander through the building. If your dog is prone to boredom and relies on destructiveness or disruptive activities for stimulation, reconsider taking the dog in to work.

Interacting With Coworker’s Dogs in the Office

For those who do not have dogs or decide not to bring theirs into work, certain precautions should still be taken. Be careful when approaching any dog. Whether the pup appears excited, nervous, scared, or calm, disruption in a routine can put stress on any canine. Even if you are well acquainted with the dog, take due caution when you approach. Any dog can become unpredictable when anxious.

Ask owners before approaching, and consider any obvious personality traits such as excitability, fearfulness, or aggression. If the owner says it is okay to approach the dog, do so carefully. If a dog (particularly a large one) becomes excited, you might end up knocked flat on your back. The owner is not liable for damages if he or she make the attempt to prevent the dog’s actions.

No matter what day of the year or whether the dog has an established tendency to bite, under Arizona law, dog owners are required to keep control of their dogs and are liable for any bites caused by their pooches. If you have been bitten or otherwise injured by a dog under everyday circumstances and live in the Phoenix area, contact the Phoenix, AZ premises liability attorneys at Wattel & York. Our firm has won 13,000 liability suits, and we have special experience in dog bite law.

Unlike dog biting cases, other injuries from dogs require establishing a greater level of negligence. Our experienced Phoenix, AZ dog bite lawyers will search for records of the dog’s prior character in non-bite circumstances and interview people to see if the owner has been cautioned regarding his or her pup before. We will also consider whether there are any witnessed near-misses to establish the owner’s negligence. If there is evidence available, we will uncover it to see that you get the settlement you deserve.

If you or someone you love have suffered an injury as a result of a dog bite incident, contact the experienced and successful Phoenix injury attorneys at Wattel & York for a free legal consultation.  The team of lawyers at Wattel & York have extensive experience handling all types of injury and accident cases, including dog bite injury cases throughout the state of Arizona.


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