Negligent Security Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ

When people are on the premises of apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, motels, stores, malls, schools, and self-storage facilities, and other premises, they have an expectation of safety, and the owners of these properties have a responsibility provide a secure environment. Especially in areas where crimes have been committed in the past, owners have a duty to ensure that the people they invite onto their properties as customers, residents, patients, or students do not become victims of crimes, such as assault, robbery, abduction, rape, homicide, or any other kind of crime that could cause injury. In locations where there is a reasonably foreseeable likelihood for crimes to occur, owners need to institute appropriate measures to keep people safe on their premises, which might include security cameras, locked windows, gated entrances, security guards, and bright lighting in garages or parking lots, stairways, escalators and elevators, and more.  The owner of a property who does not provide a secure environment can be brought up on charges of premises liability if someone gets injured on their property as a result of the owner’s negligence.  A  Contact an experienced Phoenix, AZ negligent security attorneys for a free legal consultation and legal representation if you or someone you love have suffered as a result of negligent security.


When owners fail to secure their properties against criminals who pose a danger to the people who are there legally, and someone is injured as a result of a criminal act, that person often has a civil claim against the property owner to recover compensation for losses resulting from the crime. The victim will have to show that the owner was negligent, and that the negligence was the cause of the injury. Some of the conditions that would tend to demonstrate negligent security are

  • Poor interior and/or exterior lighting
  • Lack of security measures in enclosed areas
  • Open gates
  • Broken locks or open locks
  • Lack of electronic security system or failure to monitor security system
  • Lack of security guards
  • Failure to screen employees or contractors for criminal history


If you, a family member, or someone you know has been injured as a result of being a victim of a crime that occurred on someone else’s property because of negligent security, you should waste no time in consulting an experienced a negligent security lawyer in Phoenix, AZ.

The Phoenix, AZ negligent security lawyers at Wattel and York are ready to immediately send an investigation team to study and document the lapses in security by

  • Photographing the area where the crime occurred
  • Determining whether a security system was functioning and properly monitored
  • Examining police records to determine if the area had been subject to prior criminal activity
  •  Interviewing  security guards, if any
  • Taking any other necessary steps to show that the owner knew or should have reasonably foreseen that a crime was likely to occur

Contact us now, without delay, while the evidence of failure to provide appropriate security is still available, as owners will often rush to remedy the situation after the fact.  Our Phoenix, AZ negligent security lawyers will investigate the circumstances of the crime that caused your injury and pursue a claim on your behalf for a fair and sufficient recovery to compensate you for medical and economic losses, pain and suffering, and mental anguish or psychological distress resulting from the crime.

Our Arizona personal injury attorneys at Wattel and York fight for justice for those who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing… and we will fight for you. Schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation today, and remember, you pay nothing unless we win!