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Tucson Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home abuse is a shocking reality in the United States. Oftentimes a family will spend countless hours contemplating the decision of placing their family member into a care facility. Then, after selecting the appropriate home, maybe a few weeks, months or even years go by before they ultimately get the grim news — their loved one has been the victim of neglect and abuse. More alarming is the fact that a vast majority of nursing home abuse incidents go unreported.

The National Census Bureau estimated that of the approximately 518,956 residents of Tucson, 11.9% or 61,755 people are age 65 and older. Sadly, with this elderly population on the rise, instances of nursing home abuse are also increasing. As more and more families admit their loved ones into assisted living facilities, common types of abuse and neglect arise. These instances fall into several different categories:

Emotional Abuse

  • Ignoring the requests of a resident
  • Intimidation or threats
  • Isolation from other residents
  • Ridiculing or humiliating the resident

Physical Abuse

  • Assaults on the resident
  • Unnecessary restraints, both physical and chemical
  • Over-sedation
  • Lack of proper hygiene
  • Sexual assaults or any unwanted touching

Neglect and Abandonment

  • Willingly or ignorantly denying a resident proper care
  • Leaving a resident to care for themselves
  • Generally not fulfilling the proper role as a health care provider

Financial Exploitation

  • Theft of personal belongings
  • Identity theft
  • Forging a resident’s signature for personal / monetary gain
  • Overcharging the resident’s guardian for services
  • Not providing services for the resident but billing for them anyway

The city of Tucson has very strict laws in regards to nursing home abuse. Additionally the state of Arizona, as a whole, has standards guaranteeing a resident’s rights. According to the Department of Health Standards, a resident has the following basic rights:

  • Residents have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, recognizing their individuality and preferences.
  • Residents have the right to quality care and treatment that is fair and free from discrimination
  • A resident is allowed visits from family and friends.
  • A resident has the right to a safe, clean, and home-like living quarters.

If the resident of a Tucson nursing home has been the victim of abuse, they have the right to communicate with an outside representative. The resident should be able to send and receive information to and from groups and organizations that they think would be beneficial. Additionally, the resident who suffers neglect or abuse should keep a log of all incidents. Dates, names, and types of abuse should be noted. While at first it may seem easier to just ignore or forget the abuse, documenting its course can be a powerful weapon when pursuing a legal case.

The experienced Tucson nursing home abuse attorneys at Wattel and York, Attorneys at Law, can help you through this traumatic time. With their knowledge and expertise, they will guide and assist you through the legal process of pursuing a claim for compensation. Victims of nursing home abuse are entitled to substantial monetary compensation for the injuries and damages they incur as a result of neglect, abuse, or even medical malpractice.

Here at Wattel and York, we realize that reporting abuse even took place can often be the most difficult part. Take the first step in seeking compensation by contacting our Tucson office at (520) 352-0183. Alternatively, you can fill out our simple case form on our website and we will get back to you promptly.

With Wattel & York, Attorneys at Law, your initial consultation is always free and confidential. Your privacy is one of our top concerns. When we accept cases, our firm operates on a contingent fee basis. What this means to you is simple — you don’t pay anything unless we win your case.

Call or contact us today, you may have a valid claim (entitling you to compensation) for injuries and damages incurred as the result of nursing home abuse.

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