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Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers In Phoenix, AZ

Swimming pools are magnets for children, adolescents and adults, especially in sunny, hot Phoenix. Many accidents happen in and around swimming pools:

In Arizona, a drowning incident may in some instances qualify as a premises liability cause of action if the owner was negligent in pool safety and/or maintenance. In other situations a wrongful death case may be the appropriate legal remedy. If there is a slip and fall or physical injury, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed to recover compensatory damages. Wattel & York Phoenix swimming pool accident attorneys are aggressive, experienced and focused Phoenix personal injury attorneys. They have successfully represented more than 13,000 clients. They are available to represent your swimming pool case.

Causes of Phoenix Swimming Pool Accidents:

There are numerous causes of swimming pool accidents, including:

  • Lack of supervision and lifeguard protection
  • Inappropriate behavior – roughhousing
  • Older and bigger youths bullying smaller, younger children
  • Too many swimmers in the pool
  • Running on the cement and/or pool edge
  • Presence of alcohol and/or drugs in swimmers, lifeguards
  • No fence or broken fence
  • No swimming pool cover
  • Too much chlorine – may cause injury
  • Unsafe, uncovered or old model drain
  • Lack of signage or unreadable signage

The owner of the swimming pool is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the guests in the pool and pool area. Liability issues apply to public and private pools, water parks, hotel pools, school pools and more. Swimming pool owners are held to a high standard of care due to the inherent risk of the swimming pool.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims:

  • A party who was injured by the negligent actions or omissions of another may file a personal injury lawsuit for damages that may include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage and more.
  • A wrongful death claim is brought by the survivor heirs of the deceased, usually the spouse, parent and/or child. Damages in a wrongful death claim are based in part on how much money the deceased would have been able to contribute to the survivors if he or she did not die. There are various areas in which to seek compensation, including for the loss of love and companionship, earning potential, parental care and more.
  • Wattel & York Phoenix, AZ premises liability lawyers have successfully settled thousands of personal injury and wrongful death swimming pool accident cases. When the insurance carriers do not offer a fair and equitable amount, your Phoenix swimming pool accident attorneys will not hesitate to take the case to trial before a jury for a court award

Free Consultation with Phoenix Swimming Pool Accidents Attorney:

The law firm of Wattel & York provides superior legal representation to clients in Phoenix, Chandler, Glendale, Tucson, Yuma and throughout the state. We also have offices in Washington and California. Wattel & York offers a free case evaluation that will give you the opportunity to ask questions about your case in order to better understand your options and possible course of action. To schedule your free consultation, contact us at 877-333-9545 or complete the free case evaluation form.

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Disclaimer: David Wattel and Michael York are licensed attorneys in Arizona only. Washington cases are handled in the firm's Washington office only, by lawyers admitted to practice in Washington.

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