Arizona Sees Spike in Scooter Accidents

They were big in the early 2000s, and now scooters are roaring back as a trendy and convenient mode of transportation. Cheap and easy to use, you can literally pick a black and green scooter off the streets of Arizona and zip away. But, there are a lot of safety issues involved with the devices, […]

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Recognizing the Signs of Elder Abuse

   It is no secret that aging is tough not only on the body but on the mind, as well. That makes it difficult for elderly patients to defend themselves against potential abusers, or even vocalize that they are being abused physically or financially. Recently, WalletHub ranked Arizona the fifth overall state in the nation […]

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Think You Have Been Misdiagnosed? Here is How to Advocate for Your Health

The statistics on cancer and other medical misdiagnoses are scarce, but it is not an uncommon story: Someone walks into a doctor’s office with a certain set of symptoms, and is sent back home, only to discover later that those symptoms were not benign at all. In fact, diagnostic errors contribute to about 10% of […]

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Self-Driving Cars are Already in Chandler. But What are the Risks to You?

  This little corner of Arizona was just described by Wired as the “self-driving capital of the world.” Waymo’s cars are puttering around the suburb’s roadways while the company plans its stake in the delivery world, driverless. This is not news to anyone in the area since Chandler became a testing area in 2017, and […]

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What is a Life Care Plan?

So, let’s talk about life care plans. Some people get well following an accident, some people don’t. If you’re one of those unfortunate people that doesn’t get well and has ongoing problems and tried all forms of care known to mankind, you may need a life care plan. Many lawyers don’t even know what life […]

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