How Your Car Can Save Your Life: Things You May Not Know

Strides in modern technology have made cars safer over the decades. Most modern vehicles have systems capable of stopping accidents or reducing the risk of serious injury in a crash. However, according to the Insurance Journal, most motorists are unaware of available safety features.

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Child Car Seat Age Guidelines In Arizona

Arizona has recently enacted new child safety restraint requirements. Learning what is required under the new law can help keep your child safe and can also help you avoid legal issues.  If you have any legal questions or concerns regarding this law, contact the experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Wattel & York for more information.

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Road Sharing Safety In Arizona

Whether you drive a car in Arizona, ride a bicycle or motorcycle, or are a pedestrian, you should be aware of the road sharing regulations in place for all modes of transportation and how to handle each when you encounter them. Aside from always practicing due diligence to avoid causing an accident, a driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian should know and obey all traffic laws. If you follow all regulations and guidelines, you will not be considered at fault if an accident does occur.

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Safety Tips For Take Your Dog To Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day can be a fun and special occasion, but certain precautions should be taken at work, whether you own a dog or not. Not all dogs have the right temperament to be taken to a strange place, so all dogs should be approached cautiously.

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There is nothing in Arizona law that specifically makes leaving your child in a car illegal. However, if circumstances are likely to cause injury or death, placing an adolescent in that position can result in the minimum charge of a Class 6 felony. Because Arizona is known for its extreme heat and leaving someone alone in a hot car greatly increases the possibility of heat stroke, leaving a child unattended in a car will almost certainly lead to a penalty.

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