Coronavirus Quarantine Results in Spike in Dog Attacks and Bites

Coronavirus Quarantine Results in Spike in Dog Attacks and Bites Springtime means people are out and about enjoying the warm temperatures. Activity this time of year typically increases under normal circumstances, but with the coronavirus forcing people into quarantine mode, more people are taking the opportunity to walk their dogs just to get out of […]

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Preventing and Dealing With Dog Attacks

  Arizona is the perfect place for dogs due to the year-round beautiful weather and numerous community dog parks.  There are more than 76 million dogs in America, and plenty of those reside in Arizona. According to the statistics of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, on average, 4.5 million people are attacked by […]

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Hit and Run Accident

Obtaining Compensation After a Hit and Run Accident If you are involved in an accident where the at-fault party does not stick around to accept responsibility (sometimes called a “hit and run”), you may still be able to obtain compensation for your damages and injuries. What is a Hit and Run Accident? In all states, including […]

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School Buses are Back in Action

With summer almost officially over, this not only means a change in foliage and arrival of cooler temperatures, but it also signals the return of kids back to school. The roads become more congested and more accidents occur. We do not usually think about school buses when it comes to car accidents. After all, the […]

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Keys to Making Sure Your Summer Road Trip Is Safe and Memorable

Summer is the perfect time of year for taking a long road trip. It is the time of year that many people jump in the car and take off to enjoy a weekend of camping, hitting the beach, visiting friends, or heading to an amusement park. Longer road trips mean more time on the road. […]

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