Important Things to Know About Cycling Accidents

Bicycling is a fairly popular form of transportation. It is efficient and environmentally friendly.  As with nearly all forms of transportation, however, bicycling comes with risks that can threaten your safety and well-being. Because bicycles do not provide outer protection like cars and other motor vehicles usually do, being in a bicycle accident can result […]

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Passenger Suing Friend or Family Member Who is Driving

If you suffered injuries as a passenger in a car accident, you probably have substantial medical bills, lost wages, and suffered other damages.  While you do not have any liability or responsibility for the accident, your life was negatively impacted by someone’s negligence. If the negligent party was your driver, you may need to pursue […]

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Feds Relax Rules Limiting Driving Hours for Truckers – Are We Safe?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently eased rules that were previously implemented to limit working hours for truck drivers.  Short-haul driving hours were increased from 12 to 14 hours a day and the radius within which they can drive from their home base was essentially doubled.  Long haul driver hours remain the same.  However, […]

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Dave Wattel on Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs bites can be from simple abrasions to deep punctures, cuts and lacerations. They can be crushing wounds and even cause fractures. The emotional impact from scarring and fear of being attacked again can be great and long-lasting.   The law mandates that the owner of the dog that bit someone be responsible by way […]

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Check Your Homeowners Insurance Policy If You Own One Of These Dogs

Of late some insurance companies are placing endorsements in people’s homeowners policies that limit payments for dog bites if the dogs are of a particular breed. These breeds often include “Pitbull, Rottweiler, Akita, German Shepard, Chow and Doberman Pinscher.” By nature not all of these dogs are vicious. Should a bite occur though the resulting […]

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