What is a Life Care Plan?

So, let’s talk about life care plans. Some people get well following an accident, some people don’t. If you’re one of those unfortunate people that doesn’t get well and has ongoing problems and tried all forms of care known to mankind, you may need a life care plan. Many lawyers don’t even know what life care plans are, let alone hire certified life care planners in order to document those future care costs.


We at Wattel and York recognize that we have an obligation to you to not only account for the past, but if you’re gonna have ongoing problems, to account for your future as well. You’ve decided now to have us represent you, and you’ve gone through all the care you need and you’re left with residuals. We then go about finding a certified life care planner to interview you, to talk to your physicians, to review your records and bills, and then to put to paper all of those future care needs and the costs associated with the same.


We have no problem forwarding the cost of hiring that life care planner on your behalf. Why? Because we know that it’s financially beneficial to you to do so. Many lawyers may be adverse to hiring the life care planner because they don’t wanna spend the money, or they don’t know how to do it. Here at Wattel and York, we hire life care planners on a fairly regular basis because we represent people with significant injuries all the time.


When should you hire a life care planner?

We recommend hiring a life care planner in the pre-litigation phase. Why? Because at the time frame of demand, we want to put our best foot forward. We want to give you every opportunity to settle your case and not have to go into litigation and go in front of a judge and jury. Some lawyers that do use life care plans in their practice, they don’t hire a life care planner until after they failed negotiation. What ends up happening then? Well, it’s my opinion that the insurance company becomes intransigent, stuck in their position, and they think that you’ve only hired the life care planner after you started the lawsuit. Why? Because you didn’t like the insurance company’s offer. That’s a backwards¬†approach.


We are always aggressive in our pursuit of claims, including your future care costs, and if we recommend a life care planner on your behalf to prepare a life care plan, it is in your best interest.


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