At 6am, the last thing any coffee drinker hopes to experience is the sudden spewing of boiling-hot water from their trusted Keurig coffee maker. However, according to reports emerging across the United States, this is precisely the early morning experience of nearly 200 consumers as they prepared their single serving cup of Joe. As a result, the Keurig company has opted to recall 7 million of its ‘Mini Plus’ design in order to avoid the expense and exposure of product liability lawsuits – which often stem from injuries caused by defective or poorly designed consumer goods.


Keurig is one of the top U.S. manufacturers of single serve coffee makers – revolutionizing the brewing experience with its K-cup design and practically effortless coffeemaker process. However, beginning in 2014, its “Mini Plus” began to show signs of malfunction, marked by the unexpectedexpulsion of scalding hot water after users made more than two cups of coffee within a short period of time. Users were warned by the company to stand an “arm’s length” from the device during the brewing session, and to not attempt production of more than two cups of coffee in rapid succession. Of the approximately 200 Keurig users who reported malfunction, 90 sustained injury requiring treatment.

As a result of the inundation of complaints, Keurig has offered to send free repair kits to any Keurig “Mini Plus” owner in need of a remedy. According to Keurig’s records, an astounding 6.6 million of these brewers are sitting atop American counters, with another 660,000 in Canadian kitchens. The devices sold for about $100.00 from retailers like Target and Kohl’s, and can be identified by the model number K10 and identification numbers beginning with “31.”


At Wattel and York, our Arizona product liability attorneys are exceptionally experienced with cases involving faulty consumer household goods, including defective small appliances like coffee makers, toasters or microwaves. As a group of personal injury-focused advocates, we can assure you that your lawyer will be well-versed in the applicable laws as relevant to your situation, and you will be provided adequate input and feedback throughout the duration of your product liability action.

When it comes to defective consumer goods, there are generally two assertions a plaintiff can make in order to obtain adequate and fair compensation: (1) the product contained inherent design defects necessarily causing subsequent injuries to consumers, and/or; (2) the product was manufactured in such a way so as to cause consumers an unnecessary exposure to risk.

Proving either of these claims is not always straightforward, and it may require special testimony from expert witnesses familiar with the intricacies of the specific product at issue. With regard to any plaintiff injured by a Keurig coffee maker, it may be necessary to speak with those possessing superior knowledge of the inner workings of a such a device in order to determine whether the product’s design or manufacturing was to blame for resulting injury.


Whether you are one of the many victims injured by the now-recalled Keurig ‘Mini Plus’ design, or you have experienced injury due to a defective household appliance, we encourage you to contact a skilled Arizona product recall lawyer at Wattel and York right away. You can reach us by dialing 877-333-9545.

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