Feds Relax Rules Limiting Driving Hours for Truckers – Are We Safe?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently eased rules that were previously implemented to limit working hours for truck drivers.  Short-haul driving hours were increased from 12 to 14 hours a day and the radius within which they can drive from their home base was essentially doubled.  Long haul driver hours remain the same.  However, previously mandated breaks have been essentially eliminated as the drivers can designate other non-driving duties as their break time.


What does this mean for you? This means more short-haul drivers making deliveries in your community with less mandated rest and restriction.  It also means more long haul drivers with less rest in your communities and operating at high speeds during interstate travel.

The rationale:  To save $2.8 billion for trucking companies over the next decade and “improve safety.”

The problem:  While improving the strength of the trucking industry is certainly a good thing it seems to defy logic that truck haulers on the road for longer periods of time with less rest could somehow improve safety for the drivers or others.  4,951 people died in trucking-related accidents in 2018.  With decreased regulation in this industry individual drivers now must be as diligent as ever on the road.

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