Dave Wattel Predicts One Billion in Dog Bite Claims

Per the CDC each year dog bite injuries cause 800,000 people to seek medical treatment. There are currently about 328,000,000 people in the United States. That means these numbers translate into between 2 and 3 people out of every thousand are bit needing medical treatment.

According to the Insurance Information Institute yearly dog bite homeowner’s claims cost hundreds of millions of dollars. And In 2019 it was nearly $800,000,000. The greatest number of attacks occur in the home and victims fall within the ages of 5-9. Arizona, Washington nor Oregon are not in the top ten of states to pay on dog bite claims.

According to NPR.org pet adoptions have been up during the COVID quarantine. As much as 50% in some places/shelters. More people are owning dogs and other pets. People are staying home and thus there is much great chance with the increase in dogs and time at home for dog bites to occur.

With the huge increase in dog adoptions and people staying home it makes sense that the number of dog bites through 2020 and into the years to follow will continue to increase. So too will the payout on homeowners claims. It is my prediction that we will likely hit the 1,000,000,000 (One Billion) dollar mark for 2020 and will not ever look back.

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