General Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do not discuss your case with anyone other than us at Wattel & York, LLC, or
    your doctors.
  • Do not sign anything with respect to your claim until you have checked with our
  • Do provide your legal assistant with receipts for all prescriptions. You may have
    to ask the pharmacist for these at the time you fill the prescription. We are looking
    for the actual cost of the medication, not necessarily what you have paid. This is
    imperative for the case. If these receipts are not provided, you may forfeit your
    right to make a claim for these.
  • Do take photographs of any appliance the doctor may require you to use such as a
    neck brace, crutches, etc, and send us a copy.
  • Do take photographs of all scarring and bruising as your injuries progress.
    Especially, after any type of surgery.
  • Do obtain whatever necessary medical treatment you need and do not miss
    appointments. Do talk to your provider about his/her future medical care
  • Do make sure your medical expenses are submitted to all available insurances.
  • Do notify us at once of any change of address, employment, or any other facts which might affect your case.
  • Do notify us if you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time.
  • Do notify us if you make any change in doctor, or your doctor refers you to another
    doctor, a hospital, or a diagnostic facility.
  • Do keep records of the time you miss from work.
  • Do set any social networking settings (for example, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) you
    have to “private” and limit access to only those individuals you approve. Keep in
    mind that the insurance company or defense attorney may at some point attempt to
    access your page in order to obtain information that bears on your claim. For
    example, sports activities, vacations, social events (dancing), could be
    discoverable. In an abundance of caution, don’t post anything, whether it be
    photos or statements, that might have a bearing on the conditions or limitations you
    claim stem from the accident.

Insurance companies and defense attorneys WILL investigate and videotape your
activities. While they will not interfere with your activities or otherwise invade
your privacy in the literal sense, they will conduct periodic surveillance. Even if
you are performing activities while in pain, keep in mind that “pain” does not show
on video surveillance and you will be left defending your actions. To be safe, it is
best to avoid all activities that you claim to cause you pain or discomfort.